Customizable Production System

VSiProd Features

Listed features are just the highlights, but if you prefer to add any, we can customize it for you. Send us a note or contact us at or (02) 8887 3301


accounting management system


Production Cycle

Covers entire production cycle. Capable of calculating raw material requirements up to processing of shipment invoice

accounting system


Bill of Materials (BOM)

Determine cost of material in work-in-progress and finished goods.

accounting management system


Raw Material Issuance

Automatic issuance of raw materials under each production stage.


accounting management system


Identify All Manufacturing Losses

Re-work and balance maintenance with provision for rejection in case of failure to meet the set standards

accounting system


Quality Assurance

Ensure products undergo to all production stages and generate accurate records of raw materials consumption

accounting management system


Production + Inventory

Maintains inventory for all parts & finished goods.