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Payroll System


VSiPayR is a biometric payroll system that makes your payroll processing easier with automated computation, reports, and certificates, among many others that you prefer to add!



VSiPayRPlus allows you to process payroll anytime and anywhere with a web-based system. This system can process paperless transactions and captures selfie attendance!

Accounting System


Accsiv is the most sophisticated accounting with an inventory system for accountants and non-accountants! Work with confidence and generate reports simply, quickly, and accurately!

Inventory System


AccsivPlus is an accounting with inventory system with cloud-based storage that is integrated with other multifaceted business functions involving imprest, consignment, and e-commerce, among many others!


Hotel Management System


VHMS is a hotel management system that helps your property organized and well monitored. This includes room status, customer’s reservations, billing, housekeeping, and in-out summary!

Point-Of-Sale System


VSiPOS upgrades your retail business with a point-of-sale system that helps automate your sales entry, summary reports, inventory management, payment methods diversity, and mandatory compliance!

Production System


VSiProd is an advanced production system that is fully configurable and may be used to model complex and interdependent production lines as well as multi-site operations!


Visita offers you with high quality biometric and facial recognition device for your payroll processing and a door lock system that secures your premises!

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