Biometric Payroll System

Payroll System

VSiPayR Features

Listed features are just the highlights, but if you prefer to add any, we can customize it for you. Send us a note or contact us at or (02) 8887 3301


Payroll System - Automatically Computes Attendance


Basic HRIS

Records employee data including changes on their employment status and salary. It also reflects the issued memo to them

Payroll System - Prints Payslip, Tax, Refund


Multiple shifts & dynamic shifting

Create multiple shift including one-time shift applicable to cutoff accordingly

Payroll System - Monitors Real time Attendance


Attendance computation

Easily computes attendance including tardiness, undertime, absences, and overtime


Payroll System - Integrated with mini HRIS


Payroll computation

Computes payroll including other deductions and income. It follows Philippine regulations including internal policies

Payroll System - Accomodates Multiple Shifts


Payslips & Certificates

Generates payslip and certificate of contribution and loan payments per employee

Payroll System with Biometric Device Support


Bank file

Capable to generate bankfile for payroll crediting following any bank’s format




VSiPayR (biometric payroll system) makes payroll processing easier with dynamic automation! The system is customizable and can incorporate internal company policies & procedures!


    Desktop Features:

  • Own server. The end-users will use their own server. Backup and restoration of data are secured by them.
  • Single-platform functionality. Accessible in local computer devices with a connection to an area network.
  • Access delegation/User privilege. Users are given access according to their respective roles & assignments.

  • HR Features:

  • Human Resource Information System Module (Basic). Enables basic HRIS for all employees. Data can be exported both from active & resigned employees. *Comprehensive HRIS may be included by request.
  • Employees 201 file maintenance and memo entry. The system can keep records of employees with their employment & salary changes including the memo issued to them.
  • Accommodates multiple shifts & dynamic shifting schedule. No matter how many shifts you have or with a sudden change to a particular cut-off period, the ‘dynamic shift’ module can easily compute attendance in just a few clicks!
  • Holiday setting. Enables national and local holiday settings that can automatically compute respective premium payments.
  • Leave application and computation. The system enables the application of SLVL or any initiated leaves with an auto deduction from the leave allotment.

  • Timekeeping & Payroll Features:

  • Multiple payroll periods.The users can process by weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payroll period. It can automatically compile all employees’ salaries for yearly reports like alphalist.
  • Automatically computes attendance from the biometric device.The system can download all the attendance of employees from the device reflecting their total tardiness, undertime, absences, and overtime.
  • Attendance adjustments. Enables adjustments from the attendance applicable for any corrections.
  • Accommodates shifts beyond 24 hours. The system can segregate and compute continuous working schedules from regular hours, night differential, and overtime.
  • Multiple allowances. The system can compute taxable, non-taxable, and fixed allowances. It can also automatically deduct from the tardiness & absences of respective employees.
  • Taxable or non-taxable other income. Users can add other income from the usual salary of employees per cut-off. It can be tagged as taxable or non-taxable which will reflect on the alphalist.
  • SSS, Philhealth, & Pag-ibig contribution deductions. The system automatically computes the contributions based on the set-up government table. Visita Solutions will update the table if there are any changes from the government.
  • Government contribution & loan remittance file. The system generates remittance file or summary reports reflecting both employee and employer share. This is applicable to SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig contributions.
  • Loan balance records & reports. The system can reflect the outstanding and running balance per employee. It can automatically update every payroll and the balance is reflected on their respective payslips. It allows the pre-termination of loans and can automatically stop the deductions once it’s fully paid. Loan deductions can be set up according to cut-off schedule.
  • Compute final payroll instantly. The system can automatically compute the payroll regardless of the number of employees in an instant, reflecting their deductions, other income, loan payments, government contributions, and advances, among others.
  • Generate bankfile for payroll crediting. Automatically generate bankfile for payroll crediting. It can accommodate any bank following its respective format.

  • Statutory (Government related)

  • Government forms. Easily generate and print multiple government forms from SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig, and BIR such as R1a, Er-2, CSF, CF-1, and 2316, among others that you prefer to add.
  • Certificate of government contribution & loan payments. Easily generate certificates of employees reflecting all their government contributions and loan payments according to date range
  • SSS benefits computation. The system can automatically compute sickness and maternity benefits in accordance with historical contribution records and the ruling of SSS.
  • Prints 2316 and tax refund payslip. Users can print 2316 form per employee and generate tax refund payslip
  • Automated final payment (Quitclaim). The system can automatically process the final pay of resigned employees which includes their pro-rated 13th-month pay, last attendance, and deduction of loan balances, among others.

  • Extra-features (included on standard)

  • System trail. Audit transactions and modifications made in the system reflecting the users’ actions with date and time
  • Outside data. Can incorporate outside data from history, previous system, or old records to make it centralized and available in the system. This is done only once upon project implementation or by request

  • All features are just the highlights. Some standard features may not be included and are not limited. The system is capable to incorporate other features needed by the client both for internal & external policies.