Why Should you Outsource your Payroll? - Visita Solutions

Payroll processing is a pain point for many employers here, in the Philippines. It can become a huge

headache for employers if not done correctly.


Aside from registering nitty-gritty government documents, employers must adapt to ever-changing labor

laws, update employee databases consistently, and ensure timely disbursements among other tasks that

make up the long-winded payroll process.


An increasing number of Filipino companies are lifting this payroll burden from their shoulders by

outsourcing this cumbersome business process. Here’s a list of benefits for which you should outsource

your payroll:




1) Reduces long-term costs.

Your company will no longer have to maintain an internal payroll department. It’s goodbye too, to

additional office space, equipment and cabinets used to store voluminous office records. This

translates into direct savings for the company. Also, steep penalty fees will be avoided for filing late

reports, which is a common occurrence among small to medium sized enterprises in the



2) Save time and resources. Spend no time on internal payroll processing.

Running a business has it’s fair share of challenges without the administrative work.


3) Spend more time on core operations and essential business related tasks

With the hassle of payroll no longer on the shoulders of the HR department, employers can now

use their valuable time to focus and zero in on the core tasks essential for your company’s growth

and success.


4) Peace of mind. Employers are guaranteed that payroll is processed accurately and on time

Employee benefits such as SSS, Pagibig are paid on time.


5) Leverage external payroll expertise.

Employers are free from having to familiarize themselves with complex government taxation laws.


It’s evident that payroll outsourcing is the way of the future in this era of fast-developing technology. Given the plethora of benefits, it’s ideal to delegate the pain-staking and cost-effective task of payroll processing to professionals.

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