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Helping businesses to streamline and eliminate redundancies in their processes.

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To be the leading partner of business owners in the automation of business processes.

accounting management system


Customers are our partners,

Employees are our foundation, and

Management is our counsel

From humble beginnings to comprehensive and state-of-the art software solutions.

Visita Solutions is the leading IT company known for its dynamic and flexible programming services that empower businesses to streamline their operations with tailor-made software solutions. Our expertise in automating business processes and integrating systems is akin to having us as your extended IT department dedicated to your success.

We offer cutting-edge payroll systems integrated with comprehensive HRIS for advanced data analytics and precise timekeeping. These cloud-based and desktop solutions are complemented by custom innovations, providing open API to seamlessly integrate other enterprise solutions for centralized data and secured access.

Our accredited POS system and accounting with inventory system are meticulously crafted to monitor your expiring and non-expiring goods properly, ensuring optimal resource management, along with autogenerated vouchers, invoices, and sales order reports.

Our excellent service makes us the top choice for over a hundred small, medium, and large companies in BPO, banking, manufacturing, retail and trading, engineering and construction, manpower and outsourcing, marketing agencies, and other dominating industries across the Philippines. Visita Solutions is the local and premier choice for their IT needs.

We embody our excellence in our mission to streamline and eliminate redundancies in your processes. Our stream of company stability strengthens this mission as an independent IT arm of the Visita Group of companies, a multimillion importation company operating since 1990. Our long-term stability makes Visita Solutions your smart choice for long-term local and secured IT investments.