VSI Door Lock

Door lock Features

Listed features are just the highlights, but if you prefer to add any, we can customize it for you. Send us a note or contact us at sales@visita1.com or (02) 8887 3301


accounting management system


Compatible with any type of door

Suitable for glass, wooden, metal door, and swing-in door

accounting system


Best if partnered with our biometric device

Eliminate push button accesses and provide total security and protection with biometric and RFID card-based. This also generates history logs.

accounting management system


High quality material

Made from durable and long-lasting solid aluminum.


accounting management system


Sustainable security

With 4 to 6 hours of backup battery and can accommodate up to 500,000 logs. Able to reset logs to re-use after achieving maximum capacity.

accounting system


Safe and reliable

In case of emergency, the door lock will automatically open.

accounting management system


Energy saving

Door lock consumes little amount of energy.