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What is ERP system?

ERP system is an application mediated by software and technology that automates the procedure of your day-to-day business activities. It is the answer to your unresolvable manual issues that can lead to the unproductive and inefficient output.

As businesses function with interdepartmental and collaborative effort, the bottleneck in the process of one division causes a domino effect on another division. Data that gives you a hard time finding and accessing could be simplified by an ERP system. It secures data privacy and regulates access to confidential information.

ERP system comes in two (2) types, the desktop and the cloud-based. The desktop system requires your company to have your own IT infrastructure where you can store your common database. It requires you to back up regularly to ensure restoration in case of data failure. On the other hand, the cloud-based system enables you to have an external secured database where IT infrastructure is outsourced and taken care of by IT professionals. Having a cloud-based system is like having your own IT department externally. You partner with your trusted organization which will do the backup and takes care of your data privacy.

Visita Solutions provides desktop-based and cloud-based ERP systems, particularly payroll system and accounting with inventory system, that can be integrated with petty cash management system, consignment system, production system, marketplace stocks management, and functions you need to streamline your operations.

We program your preferred system starting with our standard system as the primary foundation. We also provide data storage at a reasonable price and give you after-sales service that will guide you from basic to complex matters.

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