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Must Have Features of a Payroll Software

Different businesses have different needs including on their payroll. As the owner, it is part of your responsibility to address and meet the needs of your payroll system. From time to time, you will encounter customers asking for better offers or more inventory, and employees requesting for their vacation leave especially during the upcoming holidays. This will create a big challenge for you especially if you need to juggle busy workweeks with your own holiday plans for your family.

VSI Payroll Software has a solution for you. Payroll software varies from desktop to cloud based. Each have their own advantages and they work effectively based on the company and its needs.

The other one can be downloaded as a desktop software to a computer and store payroll information directly onto it while the latter enables flexibility in terms of payroll processing. Cloud-based software allows you to freely access payroll from anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection. Cloud payroll software is considered as an affordable, time-efficient way to process payroll.

Need to know more to make up your mind? Here are some features of a payroll software that you must look for before choosing what you will put in your wish list.

Customer service and Support

Among the features that you must look for in a payroll software is good customer service and support. Look for a provider who will offer the availability of customer service representatives that will help you in case you have concerns, or you encounter issues. Usually, you communicate with customer service by phone, email, or online chat.

Customer service and support is also important when you first use payroll software. They should be reliable when it comes to guiding you through their software for you to have a smooth transition from your payroll program to a software program.

Automated payroll tax filing and deposit

Withholding and depositing of taxes is an important part of a company’s payroll program. Hiring an accountant to do it for you is costly. But with a payroll software, you can make payroll tax processing much easier and cheaper.  With a software program, payroll taxes can be automatically calculated for you. Some service providers also offer filing and depositing the payroll taxes for you, too.

Tax compliance is crucial. But you will have no problem with your software if you make sure that it is updated in terms of changing payroll laws and tax rates. Cloud-based software programs can automatically update tax rates for you giving you no problem and keeping you away from violations.

Plenty of payment options

A payroll software enables you to print paychecks right from the system, so you don’t have to write the paychecks in hand by yourself or use a different program.

Payroll software also allows you to give your employees their salaries electronically. One electronic payment option is direct deposit where wages can be directly sent to the bank accounts of your employees. This means there is no need for paychecks at all.

Another way of electronically paying wages is through pay cards which can be used by your employees like debit cards. With several available payment methods, processing salaries will be much convenient for you and your employees. It will also become easier for you to choose which payment option suits your business.

Secured Human resources (HR) form storage

There are payroll software providers who include an HR add-on feature in their offer to allow an organizes, paperless employee data recording and provide maximum protection. This way, you can monitor your employee’s census data and have no worries in terms of missing or misplaced information. This HR add-on also enables you to communicate with employees.

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