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Knocking ‘Buddy Punching’ Out of Your Business

Buddy punching is a misdemeanor that has been around in the labor industry since who knows when. It incurs a major loss to retailers as they are being made to believe that there are certain people who are working for them when in fact, these are just using their co-workers to cover for them and do other things while being paid the same anyway.

For so long, this has been a problem as it festers companies while perpetrators along with their abettors are not always being brought to justice. But this doesn’t mean that this should be tolerated with the culprits getting away without being punished.

With the help of modern technology, managers can now put an end to buddy punching and establish a time attendance system so mischievous employees can be stopped from cheating. With an effective attendance system, employees will be ensured to be on-time, on-site and on-task.

Here are some effective manual timekeeping solutions that you can use against buddy punching:

Biometric time and attendance system– This will record the clocking in and clocking out of employees through the use of their fingerprints, facial features or irises. Since these are physical means of identification, only the actual person can use these to clock in or out for himself/herself. So, no one else can do it for them. Thus, buddy punching can’t be done.

Time Attendance Management App – This one can be installed on mobile devices and can be used on different locations. It is useful in case you need to assign your workers on the field and they cannot be physically present on your office to clock in on a stationed hardware. This way, they won’t have any reason to not clock in their time attendance. You can also monitor their exact location and check if it has a duplicate to see if they are just using a co-worker to clock them in.

Offline Time Clock – Internet Connection should not be a reason for your employees to not clock-in. It is easy to say that a disruption in the internet connection prevented them from clocking-in or out, but with an offline attendance system, they will have no alibi regardless if there is or there is no internet connection available for them.

Automated Attendance Reporting System – Gives you an access to real-time reports as soon as your employees clock-in or out. With this system, there will be no human-error and it enables you to solve loopholes on your attendance policies instantly.

Employee Dashboard – Aside from your staff’s performance, this also allows provides a detailed look on their attendance and activities including their breaktime. This doesn’t only help you monitor and track their performance and attendance but it also allows you to fairly identify and reward outstanding employees for their hard work.

Now, out of all the available attendance management software and systems out there, you must be able to find an effective one according to its accessibility, cloud-based data storage, and its biometric capabilities which will make it effective in fighting and freeing your business from buddy punching. Visita Solutions offers Biometric Payroll Solutions that can be customized according to your needs.

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