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Cloud-based Accounting Solution vs Coronavirus Lockdown

COVID-19 is bringing down economies as it shut close businesses on hundreds of countries that it reached. As thousands die and millions test positive, business owners are being torn between keeping their employees safe and making their business survive.

But the challenge for them is not only about making a system that will keep their employees working while away from contracting the deadly and contagious virus. The situation also makes it hard for them to manage their accounting and compliance.

The solution found by some is using a cloud-based accounting and compliance software and it was proven effective by many businesses. So here we will help those that are struggling by discussing its benefits and its effectiveness in terms of allowing businesses to remotely work with their team, manage their business, and monitor their assets.

1. No Installation and Maintenance Problems

The first good thing about cloud accounting software is that because it is hosted by a service provider; there is no need for you to worry about the installation and maintenance of the software. Because they are the one responsible for it. So, in times where there is a need to troubleshoot, rest assured that you have someone to reach out to, to solve the problem and you don’t have to carry the burden by yourself. In fact, you don’t even have to carry any burden at all.

2. Real-Time Data and Access Anywhere and Anytime

Cloud accounting software makes it possible for businesses to monitor their precious sales and expenses data, manage their inventory, and even access bank accounts no matter where the authorized personnel are (as long as they have the adequate equipment and internet connection) and no matter what time it is. So, compared to the traditional ways of how businesses do their tasks, this solution is way more convenient. No more than ever, being updated in terms of accounting and compliance is valuable. So, having an application that helps you ensure that is needed.

3. Stress-free Work

We understand how tiring accounting tasks such as daily billing, invoicing, and transaction reconciliations are. This is why businesses even the small ones really need automated cloud accounting software for them to have a break from all these tedious tasks and ensure accurate results. Some may think that this is just an unnecessary expenditure but trust us, using an application will save way more money from all accounting and compliance liabilities while allowing people to focus their time and energy on more pressing matters.

4. Easy and Systematic Data Storage & Backup

There are high-quality yet lost cost cloud accounting software that will ease the burden of storing and backing-up data. This way, even if the employees of a business stay at home, rest assured that they are still capable of working smoothly and there will be no problem in accessing and monitoring needed information.


5. Well-Protected Data and Privacy

Data leak or privacy breach issues have no place in your business when you are using a cloud accounting software as it gives you a unique role-based access control. It also gives a business quick access to AI-aided smart business tools that makes compliance easier, faster and safer to do.

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