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Agreeable Salary Deals For Your Employees

Salary is a vital yet controversial issue when it comes to a company. Misunderstandings and disagreements about salary is what creates the biggest conflicts and problems about the company. This does not only destroy personal relationships as well as the company image, but can also lead into bigger trouble which can even reach the court through legal

It all starts with the interview and application

Do not set unrealistic expectations only to disappoint them later on. It’s better to start your working relationship from the very beginning with only minimal expectation then, building a good impression slowly. Unlike when you put them high up in the sky, only to leave them falling into disappointment and regret.

If you know that the company is in a tight disposition, it is better to be honest sometimes and let them see the whole picture. Here you can see those that are really eager and passionate with the job and with the company. If they really want the position and the work, I’m sure they’ll understand.

Negotiate if you must. But don’t push them down to the ground because it might send an unintentional negative message or insult. Don’t only describe what you need and what you are willing to pay. Ask them as well about their rate and if necessary, discuss and explain to them until you meet agreement and understanding. Give the other party a chance to explain their side as well for you to know their reasons, motivations and needs.

Avoid looking unfair

Demand only based on how much you pay your employees. Putting too many demands may only pose as a burden for them and can even make you look unfair thus, sparking a conflict and causing grudges to be held against your management.

If you want, you can check on your competitors or online how much they are paying for the same position/amount of work. You can use this as reference while basing on your company’s personal situation. This way, you can also think of other preferable ideas on which you can negotiate with them.

Compensate little by little

Giving rewards for your employees’ hard work is a way of appreciating and thanking them. This will not only improve your working relationship but it can also inspire and encourage them to work harder and perform better.

Don’t ever forget or set aside the benefits

Health benefits and insurance are important because it safeguards them in case of unexpected or emergency situations. Aside from the base salary, this is something that is also being sought after by applicants. There are also laws existing to protect employees and their rights to have these benefits from the company they are working in.

Whatever happens in an interview or conversation, always remember to not negotiate too much to avoid looking desperate or unfair and inconsiderate. This will stain your image and reputation to the person. As much as possible, when talking about money, at least assure them that you understand them as applicants and help them understand about your offers. This way, whether they will like it or not, they will leave with a good heart and good feeling about you.

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