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A Whole New Face for Human Resource Management during Crisis

Prolonged social restrictions (during lockdowns, quarantine, etc.) due to COVID-19 not only increased the stress levels of many but has brought a mental calamity that shattered the psychological well-being of many individuals especially employees.

This is why in 2021, Human Resource leaders across different sectors must step forward with a fresh role, clearer objectives, and a transformative vision to assist employees in their journey to transition and adapt to rapid work changes and regulations. Indeed we have seen so much vulnerability in the past year but today has offered an opportunity to create positive and constructive development.

Here’s how we will give a new face to Human Resource Management (HRM) with the help of technology:

Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) are some of the technology integration that will revolutionize HR and give a boost to employee productivity and engagement amid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The integration of these modern advancements will pave the way to a seamless process and productive work environment regardless if you are training your existing staff or hiring new employees. Digital information and decisions will be reflected in real-time and accurate, as it was programmed with a set of algorithms and calculation techniques. It is essential to recalibrate HRM processes in order to develop a strong workforce and provide a job experience that helps them grow. This is a sign of a bigger vision that benefits both the organization and the employees, aside from investing time and money to upskill or reskill your employees.

It will also be easy to scan through many candidates for new jobs because AI modeled HRM software not only gathers but also projects complete employee data and analyze them based on the requirements and job roles on your company module.

There’s no other significant term to describe the years 2020 and 2021 more than ‘remote working.’ Companies are now in the race to making hybrid working models more efficient as part of the new normal. It showed us that people’s creativity and innovation never end as new ways and techniques to make remote work more efficient were introduced. These changes allowed HR and business leaders to foster a sense of flexibility in the middle of all the chaos. This is challenging but with the right motivation and techniques, employees will easily adapt while the business will continue to stay alive.

More time and money is being poured down by HR leaders to give priority to strategize how to normalize accepting indifferences and promote belongingness and inclusivity within the workplace. It is now the new definition of ‘healthy.’ It is being treated as a part of seizing the opportunity to diversify the workforce without the restrictions of geographic limitations or demographic traits like race, gender, and ethnicity. By learning and acknowledging the importance of the intersection of identities, we give justice and emphasize the word ‘Human’ in Human Resource Management and give employees an experience they will never forget.

We have proven that amidst the effects of COVID-19, it is still possible for us to keep up. The role of HR was able to make workers more capable despite limitations and bring them closer together despite no physical connection. Ultimately, the quality of work is now better than ever despite no direct supervision.

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