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What Makes a Company Hesitate with Employee Recognition?

How many companies do you know that prioritize appreciating and showing the employees their value? There are circumstances that people tend to back out and let go of a job even amid a high pay and compensation. Most of the time, business owner doesn’t know the real reason behind and little did they know that there is so much more that an employee needs to be continuously productive. This is no other than recognition for their deeds.

In reality, there is no need for huge parties or expensive gifts to be able to show your employees that you value and appreciate them. Sometimes, it can be shown through your daily or regular interactions. It doesn’t always mean the material things but in fact, it can be being fair with your physical and verbal treatment.

There is a belief that employees crave three major things: first, respect for what they do, along with a sense of purpose within the organization and of course, strong relationships with colleagues and managers. Being able to fulfill these desires will assure that good things will happen.

It’s as simple as it may seem but why do you think many business owners miss this fact? Why is it so hard for them to provide something that will be beneficial for them and their business?

Let’s examine it here:

Most of the time, business owners see recognition as the fluffy stuff, something that is a “nice to do” but they are not aware of the significant impact recognition can and do have on the business, on the bottom line. So most of the time, they fail to realize that this simple thing can do a huge difference with their business.

Now, even if your business leaders are aware of these positive impacts of recognition, often we can also see that they fundamentally misunderstand what recognition is and what it is not. One instance suggest that leaders believe that sales commission, bonuses and even base pay are already classified as recognition thus, not making way for other options and tendencies.

Explaining to leadership that financial incentives and pay, while sometimes having a purpose in the overall strategy and mix, are not what employees want and need to feel valued and appreciated for their work, and thus giving them what they crave.

Meanwhile, a common reaction from business leaders is that recognition is just too difficult or will take time away from running the business, and so it shouldn’t be done. Well, pointing out that the time saved by the business in improved productivity, lower absences, etc. far outweigh the minimal time required for recognition.

Another major concern for many business leaders is the money because it is often the first reason we hear for not being able to put in place a recognition program. “It’s too costly, so we just can’t do it,” is what most hesitant leaders would instantly say.

The thing here is that focusing on the recognition and not the reward is the key for this will not only cost less money but will actually be more effective and drive more positive results.

This final reason can actually be the root of many, if not all, of the other reasons. And it’s that many leaders and managers just don’t feel equipped or comfortable with recognition, and so they would rather not give it a go, hiding behind the other reasons.

So it is important for leaders to understand and feel comfortable recognizing team members, or them to point out that once they actually give it a go it will become quite natural, will be rewarding for the person receiving the recognition and for the person giving the recognition and will showcase to others just what good looks like.

It is always a challenge for each and every one of you to make recognition a priority at your company. Whether it’s a formal recognition program or simple notes that you hang on the walls of your office, do something. By doing so, you’ll give your employees what they crave and what your businesses need.



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