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Top HR Trends to Influence the Norms of Work

Our workplaces are never been the same ever since the Coronavirus pandemic happened. It introduced us to an accelerated transformation that directly influenced not only how people work but also how they learn, shop, and communicate. This pushed many companies to explore different work setups. Good thing that remote work and virtual training are not new concepts anymore because these were already tried and implemented even before.

Now, the way every organization operates and uses technologies to stay connected together is constantly improving. Along with these are trends that we can follow to help build resilience and inclusiveness in the workplace. Here are some:

Employee Wellbeing as Top Business Priority

Ever since the pandemic laid waste on Earth, studies showed that its effects on the work environment gave extreme stress to thousands of working adults. These stressors include the lack of separation between personal life and work, unmanageable workloads, and concerns over job security.

In line with this, an added pressure was put on entrepreneurs regarding how they will be able to look after the well-being of their employees. This does not only cover physical wellbeing but also emotional and mental health, financial management, career development, and resilience training.

Experts advise that employers should design a program that respects the lifestyle of their staff. Something that will give balance and quality to the personal and professional of their life.

They say that there is an unlimited supply of technology that will help promote connectivity, ensure a steady flow of resources while developing habits that are healthy both for their employees’ physical and mental health.

The Pandemic as Way to Accelerate Workplace Transformation

Countless research was conducted to carefully study the real impact of the Coronavirus in different workplaces. The findings centered on how HR leaders managed to develop strategies on how to return to the office. It showed that this pandemic has caused them to listen more to employee needs and take advantage of the pandemic to accelerate workplace transformation.

All of these steps above are leading to nurturing and investing in employee wellbeing.

It has also become vital to partner with key executives from the technology, finance, communications, and real estate sectors to create a phased and safe approach towards returning to the physical workplace.

Another important part of the change is increased and intensified planning for future emergencies because a significant percentage showed unpreparedness before the Covid-19 pandemic. This crisis tested the organizational response and it was used to determine how employees can continue learning and development even during a pandemic

An increasing number of companies have started to invest in training and certifying global learning teams which will help design and facilitate virtual training sessions. These training sessions will teach specialized skills related to customer service and negotiations.

Invest in Mental Health Benefits

More mental health problems were also recorded within different organizations during the onslaught of the coronavirus. This made many large companies realize the importance of having an integrated employee platform that will help monitor their wellbeing.

Some also started to fund employee apps that enhance their wellbeing by offering assistance on certain habits such as exercise and meditation. 

Some cover physical therapy and counseling. This creates a positive effect because it takes care of current employees while encouraging recruits by reducing their doubts and hesitation about working in the middle of a health crisis.

Mental issues is one of the leading causes of reduced productivity at work. Companies are aware of this reality that’s why it has become one of their priorities to invest in nurturing their worker’s emotional, physical, mental, financial, social, and career wellbeing. This trend is not temporary because we expect to see them flourish in the years to come.

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