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TICK TOCK: Reasons Why You Should Use Employee Time Clock

Recording the working time of your employees is an important yet time consuming task. Instead of doing it manually, you can actually seek the help of modern technology of using a ‘TIME CLOCK’ to help you out with this task.

A bundy clock is any device used by employees to record their time in and out of work. Generally, employees manually insert their time card into a machine or press a button. The machine records the date and time when employees punch in and out.

There are three common time clocks

Punch card

The punch card time clock option is the traditional timekeeping method you might associate with clocking in and out. With a punch card time clock, employees insert a paper time card into a machine, which stamps or punches the date and time on the card.


A digital time clock stores time card information in the system instead of printing it on the employee’s time card. Employees may swipe a RFID badge through the digital time clock or input a code to clock in and out.


Another type of time clock businesses might use is a biometric time clock. A biometric time clock may have either a fingerprint or facial scan which identifies the employee and automatically clocks them in or out.


Monitoring your employee attendance can be challenging especially if they have varying schedules that’s why with a time clock, it’s easier to see attendance issues.

However, even time can be cheated sometimes. Time theft is one of the downfalls of using a time clock. It is usually done when you pay employees for time they weren’t working or when in fact they are late. That’s why time clocks can help decrease the chances of time theft because employees are required to be physically present to clock in and out.

On the other hand, time clocks improve the accuracy of your payroll and record-keeping. When employees use a system to punch in and out, a record is automatically generated. This can make it easier to track regular and overtime hours.

Although using time clocks works for some businesses, it might not work for yours. Take a look at some of the cons of using time clocks in the workplace.

Requiring employees to punch in and out each time they enter and leave your business can give them a misconception that you are doubtful of them. Also, they might become more concerned with timeliness than putting in quality work.

Another disadvantage of using time clocks is that they are not always inaccurate. There are possibilities that employees forget to punch in or out, which can completely throw off their time cards. This can be time consuming to fix.

Remember that you still need to be watchful because time clocks don’t guarantee employees are in your business when they say they are. An employee can still commit time theft with time clocks by punching in and leaving. Or, they can have a fellow co-worker clock in for them if they are running late or skipping a day.

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