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Monitor Your Employees’ Time, Attendance Anytime, and Anywhere

After COVID-19 suddenly ravaged the whole world, business owners faced with a new reality concerning their workforce; the need to integrate a remote work setup. Most if not all were forced adjust to this system due to strict physical distancing and lockdown regulations.

Part of the transition to the work-from-home is having a monitoring system for the attendance and rendered time of a company’s employees. But, this may be a bit more complicated compared to the usual office setup where staff activities can be easily tracked.

One of the challenges for managers is to make sure that staff who work remotely will complete their tasks, and that they are following their proper schedules. Good thing there are technological advancements that allow effective management of remote work and enable managers to oversee their employees’ time and attendance.

The use of effective time-tracking tools is also beneficial for both freelancers and contractors as they will be able to present solid proof when it is time to bill their clients.

Knowing that there is a system that will hold them accountable for their daily output will also give employees the proper motivation to be productive and achieve their company’s desired results.

It also serves as safeguard for clients because time spent on every remote task that they are billed for will be well documented. It also gives them peace of mind knowing that there is remote work monitoring tool helping them ensure the commitment of their employees.

When talking about practicality, a monitoring software is also a preferable option because it eliminates the need for an office space along with the additional costs of maintaining it.

When you have a good remote employee monitoring software, you no longer have to spend so much time tracking and managing tasks because the tool will be the one to do it for you.

However, the challenge starts when workers were not capable of installing the dedicated biometric attendance tracking software due to lack of internet connection speed on site. Since these types of tools are very dependent on the internet, both the company and its workers should ensure that they have stable connection for the remote work setup to work.

By choosing VSI Cloud Payroll, companies can enjoy exceptional management of time and attendance data as well as dedicated servers to store and secure them.

They can also prevent fake Punch in or Punch Out. Some even allow the use of cameras to take photos as proof of attendance. It also adds the fun as employees can enjoy taking photos of themselves.

Another good thing about existing software is their real-time monitoring feature whereas managers will be notified right there and then regarding tardiness or absences.

This will make man power allocation easier resources because you know your staff attendance for the day.

Attendance Reports will also be instant and easy to download because your software will be cloud-based. So you can now say no to punch card or biometric machines and their expensive storage servers.

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