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Hybrid Work Model: The only for hope for Office Work

Permanent changes especially concerning health and safety needed to happen in the business sector as part of the new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most impactful adaptations is the implementation of hybrid work where instead of spending their whole shift at the office, employees are now allowed to render their time and accomplish their work while at their home. This is all for the sake of ensuring a healthy distance while keeping the operations running.

Here we will be discussing the benefits and requirements of the hybrid work model to both companies and employees.


Since the hybrid work setup combines working from home and going to the office, the physical bond between employees, their co-workers, and they’re superior is still maintained. But it boosts the balance between their work and personal life while adding flexibility to their schedule. Meanwhile, the amount of money and time they spend on transport will be greatly reduced. It would also mean greater autonomy for them.

In exchange for these advantages, employees must maintain clear communication between them and their superiors. This is to keep the mutual trust and their belongingness to the company.


This working model may have more requirements for the companies but they also get to enjoy certain benefits from it. It includes saving costs from needing a smaller or no office at all. They can just rent a workspace once or twice a week. Since this setup has been shown to greatly boost the productivity of workers, it will give them greater satisfaction and more potential for growth because they will have autonomous and flexible employees.

On the other hand, consistent support for their employees is required from them under this model especially in the work from home part. Many countries around the world have already implemented legislation obliging companies to offer extra support such as paying for electricity and internet bills if the employee works at least 50% of the time from home. Some companies have also taken the initiative to offer their employees free equipment such as computers, working tables, working chairs, etc. This is not only to ensure the fulfillment of the worker’s responsibilities. This is also a form of motivation because they will see that you are willing to go to this extent to support them. Plus, they will feel that these were incentives (even if you are just letting them borrow it.)

An agreement between the company and the staff should be reached to finalize the contract about the work setup. This will clarify and separate the activities that should be conducted at home and the company’s physical space. This will ensure that both parties won’t have any problems when the work model’s implementation starts.

The company must also make the law their basis on making their internal guidelines. It will influence their budget based on new obligations. Adequate support must be given. Not only through monetary but also in the form of training that will make workers perform better.

Most importantly, company owners must keep in mind that employees still have the right to disconnect to balance their work and personal life.

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