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Dealing with Freelancers-The Right Way!

Many employers nowadays hesitate to employ freelancers. Most of them get insecure because they think freelancers have the tendency to demand too much. While some doubt their skills and capabilities. On the other hand, wiser employers look into the more positive light and try to find their way to make their working relationship with freelancers to be more fruitful. In the end, they discover that these people can also become productive and valuable asset of the company helping to boost its growth and development.

Dealing with freelancers is not as hard as it may seem. You just have to learn and know how to properly work with them. Proper treatment is the first step to reach understanding. Just like your regular employees, treating them with dignity and respect would mean a lot.

One good thing that you could make use of freelancers is their wide experience because they tend to explore and encounter different working experience; they could contribute a lot when it comes to fresh and competitive ideas. In return, it’s best to make them feel as if they really are part of your team. Offering them perks which you also offer to your regular staff can be highly appreciated. It can also motivate their loyalty and make them feel at home making them more eager to work productively.  You can also assist them with their health insurance which is also important for them. Caring for them won’t cost you anything that big. It can even be beneficial because it can leave you a good impression to your freelancers.

Pay them right and pay them on time. This is part of being a responsible boss. You have to understand that they have needs and their salary means a lot to them. So you have to make sure they will be paid according to their hard work. Delays on the pay can be explained but doing this constantly can make them loose their cool and make them think untowardly to you. This can also start a conflict which will lead to bigger trouble. Now, if you know they deserve it, it’s also important at times to give them incentives. This can also motivate them to work harder next time because they know they are appreciated and properly rewarded.

Plan for their professional training and development because even though long-term relationship is not sure with freelancers, giving them a taste of it by giving them opportunities to nourish their skills can help you later on.  It can make them consider having a longer affair with your company as well as give you a higher quality of work. Thus, at a certain point of time in the future, you don’t have to train and train more workers anymore which would cost you even bigger. These people that you have right now would be your greatest asset and their skill is what you will invest into. Planning for the future is essential if you are aiming to become more successful in the industry as it paves way for you to have a clearer path.

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