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Bringing Company Culture and Employee Experience Into The Business Spotlight

There have been a lot of innovations, trends and development happening in the business sector every year. Experts and businessmen now have plenty of things to discuss that concerns their respective businesses as to how they will manage to continuously make it grow and flourish.
One of these is focused on establishing company culture hand-in-hand with employee experiences. Where experts noted that the emergence and innovations of modern technology may have built connection among us but at some point, it is also one of the factors which cause us to be disconnected. But the good thing is that companies are being urged to also concentrate in creating memorable moments for their employees.
But the discussion about the lack of connectedness isn’t new. In fact, there are couple of recent studies and research about workplace loneliness on which when engaged with an organization, employees are looking for purposeful work, career success, and positive relationships. Meaning there is something expected from organizations which they need to be able to deliver.
Experts say there are factors that have an impact on company culture and the employee experience. These include:
Health and Wellbeing
Health, wellness and well-being are on top of anything else. Without healthy employees, operations may be compromised. So, it is crucial for organizations to focus on these things specifically on social and emotional health. In fact, just recently, burnout has just been recognized by medical experts as a medical condition. Employee stress is a real issue and there is a need to develop programs that provide employees access to the resources and care that they need.

Rewards and recognition
Sometimes, appreciation is not enough for employees. Though it means a lot for them to know that you are acknowledging the worth, still, recognition which means expressing your appreciation through words or through compensation is also necessary.

Consistent Performance Management
Organizations must keep in mind that annual performance review should be kept alive. However, that once in a year shouldn’t be the only time employees receive some feedback about their performance. There should be constant meeting between Managers and employees on a regular basis to discuss performance skills, goals, tools, etc. Past performance should be celebrated, and future performance should be discussed.

Special Projects Opportunity
Nowadays, special projects are seen as effective career development tool. It might not seem important to be assigned to work on a special project but in reality, it can result to a very positive impact. On the other hand, not being asked to work on a special project can have a negative impact because it can make an employee feel that they’re being ignored. So, companies must make sure that special project assignments are fairly distributed.
It is important for a company to develop a culture that will benefit everyone. It has to make sure that everyone on board would be developed and grow for them to contribute on the success and prosperity of the organization.

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