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A Guide to Attendance Tracking for Remote Work

No one imagined that the current coronavirus outbreak would drive people to have remote/stay-at-home work. So many companies and businesses struggled to adjust and make amends with their work setup.


Working remotely is much more challenging for employees accustomed to working in an office – where it is necessary to stay focused and deliver desired results on time.

Another big problem is time tracking. Because compared to working in an office, employees who just rely on telecommunications may not need to show evidence of what they’ve accomplished or how long they’ve spent on various tasks or clients. That being the case, employees are not used to religiously tracking their time –which is required to when working from home.

The answer to tracking the attendance of remote employees is a reliable cloud-based HR software. With it, your company’s HR department can easily monitor and record the attendance of remote employees. Here are some ways to keep an eye on the attendance of your remote workforce:

Time tracking software

The time that you will be spending on manual time tracking and task management will be greatly reduced with an automated time tracking management system. It will be much easier to identify how many hours of work is rendered by each of your work from home employees. Visita Solutions offers Cloud Payroll that tracks employee attendance wherever, whenever.

Timesheet Management

A Timesheet Managing software not only enables managers and team leaders to see how much time every remote employee spends per task, but it will also make them better understand about what employees do during their working hours. It will also give an instant overview of the projects that they worked on so managers will know if the time spent is worthy of its result.

Attendance system

In case of absences, there will be payroll computations needed to be done. It will be hassle to do them manually. So, it would be much better to have a software that will do the calculations. It can also serve as a database where not only the number of absentees will be tracked but also the reason behind their absence.

It lessens the burden on your HR team because the payroll data that it will generate is accurate and fast. It also helps a lot in avoiding errors and delays in the disbursement of salaries.

These are not only attendance management tools but also systems that helps analyze productivity, measure engagement and performance.

Compared with effective strategies, these automatic attendance-tracking software can help you focus, complete payroll processes and overcome problems with minimal effects to your work.

Regardless if you are a company owner, manager, or employee, you now know that it is possible to monitor the productivity and working hours of all your employees.

Take note that having a remote workforce can still lead to a successful business

Remember that to maintain a successful business with a remote workforce, as long as you take care of their attendance and payroll and let them focus on their work.

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