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When To Say Goodbye To Longtime Employees

Nothing’s as precious and as valuable as having someone in your company who you can really trust and rely on. Though, these kinds of employees cannot be found in an instant. It takes time and experience to test the working relationship between the management and the employees. However, not everything ends with a happy ending. There are times that even after years of being together, you also need to compromise and bid farewell especially if it’s for the good of the company and of all parties.

Here are some indications which say that it’s over for you and your longtime employee.

Mismatched Visions

This is where most arguments start. As time pass by, even the best employees change. There is also a tendency for them to realize things which often go against the norms of the company. The change in their perspective can also make their visions in conflict with yours. This will often result to misunderstandings that will destroy the harmony in the company. When you have different or contrasting objectives, your path won’t go straight anymore. So, it’s better to permanently set yourselves apart to prevent conflicts from arising.

Too much disagreement affecting the quality of work

Due to continuous disagreement, employees can also have a negative attitude and behavior not only towards you but also their co-workers and seniors. This could affect the quality of work because it can develop tension in the workplace. This means a lower quality of service as well which would affect the entirety of the operations of your company. To be fair, it may be because of mismanagement which you can still correct in your part. But, if you see that it really has something about a particular employee that’s why things doesn’t go right anymore, then maybe it’s time to let go and give both parties time to set things into proper course while there’s still time.

Cease of Growth

When everything becomes stagnant, progress will be put in a halt. To be fair, taking this into consideration will not be only about your company or business. This is also about the welfare of the employee because if you see that there’s no improvement anymore, then the working environment may not be conducive for learning anymore. In that instance, it is better to let go of that employee because if not, then you will be depriving him/her of the opportunities that he/she can still cease and utilize.

This may be too cliché but in reality, nothing really lasts forever. It is good if you will have employees who are loyal to your company until the end but then, you there is also a possibility that even years of good working relationship, a certain turning point can change it making things too difficult or impossible to manage anymore.

Also, makes problems unsolvable is the people or employees and their behavior. Though there are times where you can still think of alternatives to not terminate an employee, sometimes, you just don’t have a choice. Just make sure you make it formal and proper for both of you and your employees so that you will have a proper closure.

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